The Pantos Dominion

The Ranger's Journal - Day 20a

We got up the next morning and set out to find the livery where we could buy horses to make the journey to Pembroke. The livery had a nice supply of mares and stallions and I quickly made friends with a young fair-sized black stallion. We each purchased our own horse and riding gear and decided we wouldn’t need the pack mule anymore and sold it. Since Biggun already had the horse from Stumpy, he offered it up to Musk, who was a little short on gold, and bought himself a nice pony. While we were there finishing our business a small group of Legionnaire guards came into the livery, glanced at us and went on about their business. It was a bit tense for a moment but it appeared that the news of our “encounter” in Leona had not made it to Grinley yet, or at least not to these guards.

Fiswyn went off to find a gemologist to sell the remaining gems we had collected and Felthion accompanied him. Biggun, Sykon and Guy headed back to the inn and I set out to find the leather working shop.

At the leatherworking shop, I talked to the leather worker and got a few prices on some upgraded leather but through it all it wasn’t worth the price for the minor benefits that I would get from it. At this time it was late afternoon so I left the leatherworking shop and head back to the inn, tomorrow I would seek out the fletcher to see what he may have.

When I arrived back at the inn I joined the group at a table and had a few drinks. Biggun was telling the group that he had noticed that some people had been following us. We decided we needed to find out what this was about so Sykon, Musk, Guy, Biggun and I headed out of the inn and headed up the road as if to head out of town while Felthion and Fiswyn stayed behind. Sure enough, we were being followed and as we exited town the person following us stopped and tried to make himself look busy along the side of the road. As expected, he had no plans to leave the “safety” of the city, so Guy took one side of the road and I with Draug took the other side and we quietly moved down the alley ways to intercept him as the rest of the gang headed back into the city in full view. As the guy turned to follow the other three back to the inn, I waited until he was just about to me and I stepped out in front of him. Startled, he turned around and started to run but stopped suddenly when Guy came out from the alley in front of him. Looking around quickly he turned and attempted to run to another alley but Draug was on him in a heartbeat.


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