The Pantos Dominion

The Ranger's Journal - Day 17

In the morning, we had our breakfast, renewed our spells and set off down the road. About midafternoon, we saw what looked like a group of five large warriors escorting what appeared to be a huge creature carrying a large house on its back. Since we really didn’t want any confrontation with the Arad Legion or other guard like people, we quickly ducked off the road and hid as the caravan approached. Soon we could clearly make out the five warriors as each being between seven and eight feet tall with four arms and a bluish gray fur. The large creature behind them looked to be something the size of a huge wooly elephant with long white fur and a dog like face instead of a typical trunk. On its back was a huge set of cabinets and drawers and small gnome driver in an outlandish cloak full of pockets wearing a small hat with a feather sticking out.

Seeing that this looked like a traveling merchant, we stepped out of our hiding place and back on the road. When the gnome saw us, he called out to his caravan to stop and as it did, he pulled a lever next to him and began walking down a series of stairs as they unfolded from his seat all the way down to the ground. When the gnome reached the ground, he exclaimed that he was called Ympe and that he was a traveling entrepreneur and this was his “Wandering Emporium and Magical Menagerie”. Taking the whole site in, we asked about his caravan and he told us that his guards were the Scandar Brothers and that the large beast behind him was a Bansik of the north. “But let’s get down to business shall we, what would you guys be interested in?” he said.

I spoke up and asked him if he had any leather armor for sell and his eyes lit up, “Yes! Yes! Right this way”, he said as he motioned us over to the side of the large beast and pulled lever and turned a crank connected to the cabinets on its back. As he did so, a cabinet opened and a rack of leather armor came out presenting a number of different leather pieces. Ympe took down a nice leather chest piece and explained that for a mere 8000 gold coins that I could own this incredibly tough leather from the hot lands of the south or that for 15000 gold coins I could have another chest armor that provided substantial protection in both hot and cold weather. Seeing that these pieces were well out of my price range I quickly told Ympe that I would have to check back with him at a later time. “Very well,” he said and handed me a small coin. “Take this coin and speak to it whenever you are ready and I will let you know where I am or when I will be nearby.”

Biggun then asked about plate armor, preferable dwarven. With another lever and couple of more cranks, the leather armor rack disappeared and a new rack came out showing several pieces of plate armor. I didn’t catch all that he said but I did hear that a particular piece of enchanted armor was on special for only 48000 gold coins. There was also another piece that Biggun was practically drooling over that I believe was made from adamantine but was also just outside of Biggun’s gold supply.

Seeing that he was getting nowhere, Ympe said that he had the perfect thing for an adventuring group such as us, magic darts; and with another lever and a couple of cranks, a rack of magic darts came out of the cabinet. He explained that he had a wide assortment of preloaded magic darts that we simply throw at our target to release the spell that was placed inside. He had everything from healing spells to fireball spells and even some blank darts that we could load ourselves for only 2000 gold coins each. After discussing the reusability of the darts, “as long as they didn’t break”, we again decided that this was out of our price range. Not wanting to lose a sale, he offered us the earlier prototypes that he had for only 500 gold coins each but we had to pass on them as well.

Finally we asked him what he might have in the form of jewelry, maybe rings. Again Ympe’s eyes lit up as he went over to another set of levers and cranks and produced a huge display of rings. After a bit of negotiation, we were able to get Ympe to come down to 800 gold coins from 2000 on a particular ring of protection.

After a short discussion among ourselves, we decided to see if Ympe would be interested in buying some of the gems that we had accumulated. We showed Ympe our black gem, some blue gems and some of the star shaped red gems and through the negotiations we came out few gems lighter but with a new ring of protection. We also showed Ympe the glitter grass that we had and although he was interested in buying it, he told us that he was heading the wrong direction and that we should seek out a guy down south that was looking for glimmer grass. Ympe said that the man, Topadebt he thought was his name, was in a water cave just south of Pembroke Castle.

Felthion approached Ympe and demonstrated his magical snake staff to Ympe and asked what he would offer for it. He told Felthion that he could go as high as 8500 gold coins but that was all he could offer. Since that was not quite what Felthion was looking for and seeing Biggun nearly to tears over not getting his armor, Ympe offered to trade the adamantine dwarven armor for the staff but Felthion still didn’t want to close the deal. Fiswyn had wondered over and had tried to start a conversation with one of the Scandar brothers but another Scandar, named Laoneth, told Fiswyn that his comrade did not speak common and wouldn’t be able understand him. Laoneth and Fiswyn talked briefly while the rest of us finished up with our trading with Ympe. Ympe handed us a few more of his “communication” coins, packed up and headed on up the road.

All and all we just ended up purchasing the one ring of protection which we gave to Biggun because with his fighting style he typically gets the most banged up each time (and hopefully to take his mind off the armor).

The night came and we made camp and set the usual watches. Other than a bit of rain and a traveling merchant heading down the road in the middle of the night, during Fiswyn’s watch, the night passed quietly.


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