The Pantos Dominion

The Ranger's Journal - Day 16b

Biggun and Sykon took off after the Inquisitor and the rest of the party followed after them. As we approached the camp we saw the Inquisitor talking to what appeared to be an undead of some sort with a large wolf on his other side. The undead disappeared almost immediately and Sykon wasted no time in launching a fireball at the Inquisitor and the large wolf. Biggun charged toward the Inquisitor just as Sykon’s fireball dissipated after taking out a tent on the side of the camp. When Biggun was about thirty feet from the Inquisitor, a huge blast caused the ground to explode all around him as he ran. As Biggun reached the Inquisitor the large wolf jumped in and bit a pretty beat up Biggun and he dropped to the ground unconscious.

While we all stood stunned for that brief second the Inquisitor yelled, “We can continue this, but if we do, I will kill you all!” Felthion spoke up and said that we did not want to continue and asked if he could check on Biggun. The Inquisitor, his name was Sang, told us that he would let us go and that we could rescue our fallen comrade if we agreed to do a task for him in the future. Felthion agreed with little hesitation and rushed to Biggun. As Felthion cast his heal spells, Sang turned and appeared to say something to the air next to him and the wight appeared again out thin air. Sang spoke to it in an odd language and it nodded gravely and disappeared again.

After a couple of heal spells, Biggun awoke and stumbled to his feet. Now that Biggun was ok, the questions started flying:

  • “What was going to happen to Moor? “ – “The blacksmith is out of my hands.”
  • “What about Beld and the Arad Legion?” – “Provided you complete my task, I will not speak of this little ‘disagreement’ with the Arad Legion.
  • “What task do you need us to do?” – “I will let you know the details when the time comes.”
  • “How will we find you then? – “You will not need to find me as I will have no problems finding you.”

And with that last statement, he turned and walked away.

With our business concluded, for now, we turned and headed back down the road to where Moor and the townsfolk were discussing the events that just happened. Moor was telling the townsfolk that he regretted what had happened and that he never meant for it or wanted it to come to this. He said that in order to protect the town it was necessary for him to leave. The leather worker told Moor that he would see to the cleanup efforts and do everything he could to keep the events quiet.

As Moor started to ride away, Felthion stopped Moor and asked him what all this was about. Moor said he was sorry that we got involved but was thankful for the help we provided. Moor explained that he was once a Captain in the Royal Arad Legion, just like Beld was. He was on guard duty at the castle when an assassination attempt was made on the King. Although Moor was unaware of the scheme, the attempt was made by some of the men that served under Moor. Because of that, Moor was accused and found guilty of treason against the king and was sentenced to death. Before he could be executed, Moor escaped and went into hiding and had been a blacksmith in Leona since.

Sykon proposed to Moor that we band together and work to clear Moor’s name for the crime he did not commit but Moor said that it would only bring us more harm than good. We bid him farewell and he headed out the west side of town and disappeared.

Our original plan had been to go to Grinley and then to venture further south to Pembroke in search of a herbalist that could help us with the Glitter Grass, however with the latest turn of events, we were not sure this was the best course of action now, after all, Grinley is the main stronghold for the Royal Arad Legion that we just attacked. Sykon and Felthion were putting together an argument to continue to rid the west of orcs and goblins but the rest of the group wanted to take our chances with our original plan and find out as much as we could about the glitter grass.

We gathered our things and set out southward toward Grinley. Just outside of town, we stopped for a moment and checked our wounds and Felthion healed some of us to make the trip a little easier. The rest of the day went by without incident and we decided to make camp for the night a little off the road. As usual, I took first watch and Fiswyn took the second watch but the night passed peacefully.


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