Stone Tooth Valley

This valley is predominantly grasslands with light trees interspersed throughout. An old road/trail runs along the north side of the valley and then angles SW to exit through the hills south of the mountains on the west side. A large forest covers most of the west side of the valley, and the road passes through this forest. The Stone Tooth is a mountain feature that can be seen from almost anywhere in this valley. It is a tall peak shaped like a sharp serrated tooth and has been used as a landmark as long as anyone can remember.

Some common knowledge of this area.

Dwarves used to inhabit this area, and their workmanship and ruins can be found in several places. Denhelm Hold is one such place. Denhelm hold is a small dwarven hold carved into the mountain side at the west end of the valley. It has been used by many a traveler over the years as shelter from the bitter cold that envelopes this valley in the winter. Denhelm hold and the Wandering Mule, a recently built hostel in the area, are considered the two “safe” havens on this road. The dwarves have long since moved off due to a great battle with an orc horde. It is rumored that there is an old Dwarf stronghold in the valley somewhere, but its location has been lost over time.

The road through the valley is seldom used due to its passing through the forest, specifically the dead strip. Merchants will some times use this route as a shortcut to the mining town of Gorton, but they are loath to do so with out adequate protection as the dead strip is thought to be haunted.

The dead strip is a swath of dead forest and has been so since the orc/dwarf war so many years ago. It is rumored that the dwarf king Dellinold fought a lich, Thith Pash, here and the lich unleashed a terrible curse as the dwarf king landed the killing blow. This curse killed most of both armies and since then nothing has lived in this area. It is said that at night when the moon is right the shades of the orcs and dwarven warriors can be seen in their epic struggle once again.

Stone Tooth Valley

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