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  • Osha

    Osha is Old, and smelly, and Old, was found in the old dungeon, and he's old, in an old-ish sort of way.

  • Stumpy

      Lost a leg in a battle.  So ugly that people say his mother was a half-orc.

    A mercenary who probably was not working for Theon.

  • Osha

     Once a practicing cleric under the service of [;theon], a curse was placed on him which lowered his wisdom to the point he cannot cast spells.  He was being held by an evil cleric





    Moor is the blacksmith for the town of Leona. He seems comfortable around weapons and armor alike, if this is because he has been a blacksmith for all his life, or for other reasons, is unknown. A giant of a man, he seems to know everyone, and everyone …

  • Unlagu

    Unlagu had aspirations of making a successful bandit group that would prey on the merchants and farmers in the Stone Tooth valley. This all ended when the party found his lair, killed his minions, and beat him at a game of doubles. (they cheated)

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