Musk Ban"Der

A Strong, Stupid, Half-Orc Barbarian


Name: Musk Ban"Der
Player: Ben
Class: Barbarian
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Level: 5


Born into the Gruumsh Tribe as the chief’s son. Grown with high expectations, and taught to fight by his father at an early age. Musk favored 2-handed weapons, Musk grew stronger than the others. He inherited his mother’s anger and fought along side his tribe against any others that stood in their way. His tribe became a target of the Green-Blood Tribe. The Green-Bloods attacked Musk’s tribe, all others of his tribe died, while he was taken prisoner. The Green-Bloods had him become a gladiator in their arena for their tribe to watch. He fought for 2 years and finally won his freedom and a Gladiator’s Great Axe from his final fight with the Green-Blood’s #1 fighter. He wandered the lands for an adventure. He finally met a group of traveling monks that met his new group of adventurers. Now he uses is skills to earn his keep in the group.

Magical Item: Gladiator’s Great Axe(Masterwork Great Axe, +1 damage)
Story: Musk got this axe from his final fight in the arena with Margush Green-Blood, the Green-Blood’s best fighter. Musk beat his in less than a minute when he was in a deep rage. Musk took his weapon and money.

Musk Ban"Der

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