Felthion Stronghammer

A youthful human cleric with a good heart and good intentions, seeking to better the world around him.


Felthion grew up in a small village, where his father was a blacksmith and his mother the local healer. From a very young age, Felthion seemed to possess an affinity for healing. Arnoldo, Felthion’s father, wanted his only son to follow in his foot steps and spent many hours with the boy teaching and working with him at the forge.

As Felthion entered his teen years, he began to dread the thought of a mundane life working at the forge day after day. It was during this time that a Priest of Kord named Davin came into Felthion’s life. Davin was in search of an apprentice, one who possessed not only physical strength, but strength of character as well. Felthion fit the bill.

After a good deal of convincing, Felthion’s parents came to agree upon letting the young man leave with Davin. For years, Felthion learned the ways of the God Kord under the tutelage of the Priest Davin. Felthion’s healing prowess grew, but so did the boys skill with the hammer in battle.

At the good Davin’s side, Felthion travelled to many far away lands… healing those in need and fighting against those who would oppress others. Years passed, and Davin was stricken with sudden illness. Try as he might, Felthion was unable to cure his mentor and Davin was taken from this world to serve at Kord’s side.

It was not long after this that Felthion ran into the grizzled dwarf warrior Biggun Tigglebanter, and some of the other members of the party within a tavern. It is with these new friends that Felthion has chosen to travel and lend his aid to for now.

Felthion Stronghammer

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