Deathmor is a Neutral Good elf ranger.


Str:17 Dex:19 Con:14 Int:11 Wis:15 Cha:12 Weapons: Longbow Damage:1d8 Crit: x3 Longsword Damage: 1d8+3 Crit: 19-20×2 Armor: Chain Shirt Armor Bonus: +4 Max Dex Bonus: +4 HP:13 AC:18 Initiative:4 Favored Enemies: Orc Spell/DMG Bonus:+2 Feats: Track, Wild Empathy, Point Blank Shot, Low Light Vision GP: 351 SP: 50 CP: 50 Updated: 7/31/09


Deathmor is a elf ranger from the elven city of Eldarin. One day, he was traveling the forest east of the town Laona, until 4 orcs captured him and took him to the Temple of Mal’kala. He was kept prisoner there for what seemed like forever, until some travelers came and rescued him. Their names where: Biggin Tigglebanter, Sykon, Felthion, and Quan’di. They also rescued Todo Gamwhich, who was also in a cell. Together the battled a Ogre Mage, and freed a prisoner named Osha. Then, they went out of the temple, and started making their way towards Laona.

Updated: 8/1/09


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