The Pantos Dominion

The Ranger's Journal - Day 21a

I got up the next morning and met Felthion downstairs as he was heading out to the blacksmith’s shop to check on his hammer. Musk, who had been passed out at one of the tables in the far corner the night before, had somehow found his way upstairs. Needing some kind of weapon, I decided to accompany Felthion to the blacksmith. When we arrived at the blacksmith’s shop, Felthion went to discuss the status of his hammer as I looked around his shop. It didn’t take me much time to find a long sword that looked exactly like the one I had. In fact, after looking at it closer, I knew it was my sword. When Felthion came back, I explained to him that this was my sword that had been stolen last night. Felthion approached the blacksmith to inquire about the sword and he admitted that a couple of guys had brought it in late last night to sell it. We explained to the blacksmith that it was my sword that was stolen from me and Felthion offered him 100 gold coins for information about the guys that brought it in for sale. The blacksmith did not hesitate to tell us the descriptions of the two men that mugged me and to tell us that they worked at a rug store over in the market. Felthion paid the man the promised 100 gold coins and threw in five extra gold coins for his troubles. The blacksmith told us to keep the sword and wished us good luck and good day.

We headed back to the inn and explained what we had found about the muggers to the rest of the group and we all started heading over to the market to help me get my things back. To avoid tipping off the men if they saw me approach with my group, I hid off to the side as they came up to the rug shop.

Unfortunately we arrived a bit early and the shop wasn’t open yet but as we waited a hawk swooped down and landed right next to Felthion and squawked and ruffled its feathers. A quick glance at the hawk and we all knew instantly that this was Sykon’s hawk. We told the hawk…or at least tried…to take us to where Sykon was and it spread its wings and flew off to the southeast. We headed off after it and made our way to almost the center of the southern edge of town where the hawk landed on a large warehouse like structure.

The warehouse looked as if it had been abandoned for some time but that it had most likely been used as some sort of workshop and storage. There was a normal door on the front of the building and a larger, wagon sized door as well. After knocking on the door and receiving no answer, Felthion tried the door and the wagon door but both doors seemed to be barred shut from the inside. We went around to the back of the building only to find the back door was also barred shut from the inside. The warehouse did have windows on the second floor and so Felthion lifted Guy up on his shoulders and Guy was able to look in the windows. Seeing that it looked vacant, he carefully opened the window and climbed in, closing it behind him. Felthion went back around to the front of the building and began pounding on the door again as the rest of us moved a bit away in case someone decided to escape out the back door. It was only a matter of minutes before the back door opened and Guy motioned us to come in. Once inside, we closed and re-barred the door. We then went to the front door where Felthion was still needlessly knocking and opened the door and let him in too. Again once inside, we closed and re-barred the door. Guy had said he found no one inside and so we started searching until we came across a trap door in the floor.

Carefully we opened the door and looked down into the darkness. Felthion cast a light spell on his hammer and Biggun and Felthion started climbing down the ladder quickly followed by Guy and then myself at the end. Once through the trap door, I closed it above me and continued down. The smell was strong and it was clear that we had just climbed down into the sewers. On both sides of the sewer tunnels were edges that we could walk along to avoid the smelly, mostly liquid, river that flowed in the middle.

With the light from Felthion’s hammer, I was able to make out some tracks that headed north up the tunnel. With Biggun in the lead, we set off following the tunnel but we only made it about thirty feet before Biggun suddenly jumped back narrowly escaping a set of spears that now protruded out of the wall in front of us. At this point, we decided to have Guy lead and keep a sharp look out for traps as we went. About forty feet further down the tunnel it split off to the west and east as the north tunnel continued onward to the northwest. From the tracks, I could see that the men turned east and we continued on for another forty feet before coming along a narrow tunnel that headed off to the north. Checking, the tracks continued east so we continued on east as well. Another thirty feet and Guy stopped us as he examined and then disarmed a trap before continuing onward. Just as we reached another narrow tunnel that headed off to the north, Guy jumped back as the brick under his feet gave way tilting to throw its occupant into the river in the middle, however there was no river in the middle as there was no middle. The brick had triggered trap doors that opened in just the spot that a lesser skilled person would have slipped and plummeted into. As far as we could see from where we were there was no bottom but even if there was, it would now be covered with this flowing river. As Guy studied the trap, the brick and the trap doors slowly returned to their original positions closing off the endless pit. This trap seemed to take Guy a bit of time to figure out and he had accidently activated it another time while trying to disarm it but he eventually got it disarmed and we started to move on until I noticed that the tracks had turned up this narrow northern tunnel.

This tunnel was considerably smaller and even I had to duck down as we walked but at about forty feet up the tunnel I noticed what looked like secret door on the west side but I could see no way to open it. Guy came over to take a look at the door but he too was unable to find any opening mechanism but he was fairly sure there were no traps attached to it, at least not on this side of the door. As we looked around for some sort of switch, Fethion noticed a small protruding rock and pushed it and the door began to open. Another look on the inside by Guy and he said the door was trap free.

As we moved into this tunnel that now seemed larger than even the first tunnels we entered, Biggun commented that the stone work for this tunnel is significantly newer than the tunnels that we just left. With the plate wearers in the front, we proceeded westward into this new tunnel for about 35 feet until we reached a right-hand turn and two guards.

Biggun and Felthion squared off with the two guards and pretty much blocked the tunnel but Guy skillfully dodged between them and got behind the guard attacking Biggun. In just a few moments the guard dropped and Biggun turned toward the guard that was attacking Felthion and made a path that I could use to get up into the battle. As I stepped forward, another guard came up behind Guy. Soon the second guard was down and Felthion stepped up to the one attacking Guy and soon all three were dead. We heard someone running up ahead so we moved up and found a room off to the east side where Sykon, alone, was trying to get his hands free from a chair that he was tied to. We took a couple of quick glances on up the hallway but retreated into the room where Sykon was.

Guy cut the ropes binding Sykon and we all asked Sykon what had happened and why he was abducted. Sykon explained that in the past he had had some skirmishes with the thieves’ guild and then explained that he got mixed up with them only to protect his mother and that they didn’t up hold their end of the bargain. Sykon also noted that these thieves were not from the Grinley thieves’ guild and to be very careful with the black swords that the guys were using. In fact, he was surprised that we were all still standing as those swords had been coated with a very potent poison that one small cut could kill you pretty quickly. As he spoke, he checked each of the three thieves and found a vial of poison on each of them. We decided to leave the swords but Felthion decided he wanted to take one. We were all a bit confused as Cleric do not use swords but he indicated that he wanted to present it to a guard as evidence of the wrong doing in the town.

As we exited the sewers, we filled Sykon in on the happenings around town and that we were to meet Fiswyn at the large oak tree just on the north side of town about midday. Sykon headed back to the Inn to pick up his things and rouse Musk from his drunken slumber and said they would meet us at the tree. Biggun set out to retrieve our horses from the stable and Felthion, Guy and I went back to the rug store to see about getting my bow back.

As we approached the market Felthion looked around for a guard but not seeing anyone he began to wave the black sword around and shout that the sword belonged to a thief and that he has the sword now because the thief got what he deserved. Guy and I quickly distanced ourselves from Felthion as we headed for the rug shop.

Just before reaching the rug shop, I darted around behind another vendor and hid from anyone that would be casually looking around from the rug shop. Guy went on up to the rug shop and began looking at the rugs. It became clear quickly that the rugs were all sorts of patterns and quality. These rugs were clearly not made by one person. As Guy looked around, an older lady, presumably the shop owner approached Guy and the two exchange conversations about the rugs. Although I couldn’t hear the conversation, I could tell that Guy was inquiring about a specific rug that was hanging next to him and the shop owner left. A few moments later a young man approached Guy as if to assist him with getting down the rug that Guy had been looking at. I noticed that this was one of the two guys that had stolen my sword and bow and gave Guy a nod.

Within a blink of an eye, Guy was beside the man, most likely with a dagger held to his side, and motioned him to move around to the back of the shop. When they were about half way around the shop, I joined Guy and the young man and it was obvious from his expression that he recognized me as well. I demanded my bow back and he indicated that he had sold it to Leonard, the bower, in the early morning. I told him that I didn’t care if he sold it or not, I wanted it back and he was going to get it for me. With Guy’s dagger in his side, he didn’t hesitate too long before saying that he would need to get some gold coins from the store and then we could go to the bower to get it back. We moved around and entered the small shop and found the other young man that had stolen my things. It was clear that he too recognized me but seeing the dagger at his partner’s side he made no attempts to attack or escape. The first young man went over to a small box and retrieved a coin pouch and he and I set out for Leonard’s shop while Guy and the other remained back at the shop.

At Leonard’s shop, we find my bow and Leonard commented on how fine a bow it was and kindly agreed to sell it for a small 600 gold coins. The young man explained that he didn’t have 600 gold coins and was hoping to get it back for what Leonard had paid him for it earlier but Leonard did not like that deal and was not willing to “sell” it that cheap. Even after I explained that the bow was mine, that this young man had stolen it from me, he still wasn’t willing to part with it so easily. He had a good bow that he felt he bought at a good price and he expected to make a profit. I turned to the young man and said, “Well, maybe that lady at your rug shop can spot you some gold and make you work extra hard to pay her back.” Overhearing me mention the lady at the rug shop, Leonard said he had second thoughts on the issue and if we would pay him what he bought it for, he would give it back. The young man paid him, I got my bow and we headed back to the rug shop. When we got back, I took the rest of the gold coins from the man’s coin pouch and Guy and I left.

Back in the market there was quite a large crowd gathering and it was soon obvious why. Felthion was beating the black sword into the ground and trying to demonstrate what he said would happen to any more thieves that he found. The crowd had grown so large that the town guards had started coming to break up the crowd and find out was causing the scene.

As the guards approached, Guy headed them off and pointed to another man that was moving through one of the markets and told the guard that this man was causing all the commotion and that Guy had seen him stealing. Most of the guards headed off after the man and the remaining guards began to break up the crowd. Felthion dropped the black sword on the ground and blended in with the crowd moving directly passed the guards as they headed for the center of the now dispersing crowd.

We met back up with Felthion just outside the market and headed on up the street and out of town to meet up with the others. With Grinley not going quite as smoothly as we had hoped, we starting discussing what we would do next. With the encounter with the thieves’ guild, Sykon said he didn’t think we should push our luck by going to the city of Pembroke where we were supposed to find the herbalist that could tell us about the glitter grass and the blacksmith that could improve Biggun’s armor. There was Pembroke castle and more specifically, Topadebt, the man that lived in a water cave just south of Pembroke Castle that was buying Glitter Grass


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