The Pantos Dominion

The Ranger's Journal - Day 20c

We headed out of the inn and into the alley under Sykon’s window to see what we could find. In the alley there was a passed out man that looked like he had not been sober in days and woman crouching in the corner. Guy approached the woman and asked if she had seen anything regarding people in the alley coming from the window but all the woman would do is look around wildly while saying, “the boys…sneaking underground…always watching…the boys…always watching…always dark…even in the daylight…dark…they will suck at your soul…”. More attempts to get information produced similar response from the woman even after we offered her a few coins for food.

I had picked up the tracks of the four men and so as Guy was turning to follow, the women straight-faced and serious, looked Guy right in the eyes and said, “Efrin will know what to do!” and then went back to her wild looking and chanting. Guy threw here a few copper and told her to go get something to eat as we turned for follow the tracks.

For a while, the four mean, two of which were a heavier, most likely carrying Sykon, were easy to track in the dirt through various twists and turns along back alleys as we headed south toward the keep in the center of town. It was apparent that two fully armored men, Biggun and Felthion, creeping through alleys was a bit strange to the townspeople so we decided that Biggun and Felthion would head back to the inn while Guy and I continued to follow the tracks. As we approached the southern edge of the keep where the main gate was located, the tracks turned down a particularly muddy alley and were sucked up in the mud. As I continued to search around for where the tracks could have went, Guy said that he was going to move on around to the keep’s gate and see if there was any activity over there.

As Guy headed off, I went back to looking for where the tracks would have went and noticed two men watching me, but trying not to be noticed watching me. Keeping an eye on the men, but trying not to let them know I noticed them, I started “searching” more toward where Guy and I had departed while trying to make my way around to the gate to meet back up with Guy. As I glanced back to where the men had been standing, they had disappeared but I quickly found one of the men crouching but walking as if trying to sneak, but I couldn’t find the other. I picked up my pace a bit but heard a sound right behind me. As a whirled around to see what it was, I was face to face with that second man that had disappeared. “Hold on there just a bit, pointy ears!” the man said as his partner came up to join us. “Give me all your money!” he demanded. Slightly stunned that these two were simply thieves wanting my money and not some guild wanting to interrogate me, I looked at the man and told him that I didn’t have any. “We can do this the easy way, or the hard way,” he said. I started to take a few steps back to get into a bit more defensive position and told the man that he wasn’t going to get my money as I reached over my shoulder and drew my sword.

The first attack I easily parried but it was clear that these guys knew what they were doing as the moved into position in front of me and behind me so that I was not able to defend myself very well. I made a small gash in the guy in front me as I tried to step back but their counter strikes were well timed and I couldn’t get another strike in. Bleeding quite badly, I reluctantly handed over my coin pouch and told them to take it and be on their way but now that I was beaten, the coin pouch was not enough and they took my long sword and my bow as well. The bow, which my old ranger master and I had worked so hard to make had to be pried from my hands, but with the little strength I had, that didn’t take much effort.

The two men took their spoils and surprisingly left. I had been sure that they would have finished killing me but that may have brought down more trouble than I was worth if the city guards or my friends ever found me and found out who had done this to me. With all the effort I had left, I pulled myself up and headed for the gate. When I found Guy, I nearly collapsed at his feet but I told him what had happened. He told me to head back to the inn and see Felthion and he would set out to see what he could find. I made sure to take the well-lit roads to try to avoid any more confrontations as I headed back toward the inn. It certainly wasn’t easy, and again I was on the edge of collapsing when I finally made it back and almost fell in the front door. The bartender took one look at me, gasped, and helped me around to the edge of the bar and gave a glass of liquid and told me a drink it. I don’t know what was in the glass but it made me feel a little better and I think my wounds finally stopped bleeding. He handed me a mug of ale and said, “Here, this is on the house, might take some of the pain away, what the heck happened to you anyway? Should I send for one of the town healers?” Now that I was feeling slightly better, I explained to the bartender what had happened but told him that I didn’t need a healer. I told him that I just wanted some rest and that I was heading up to my room. As I started toward the stairs, I heard him say, “Damn thieves guild…getting braver and braver!”

At the top of the stairs I made my way to Felthion’s room and knocked on the door. When he opened his door, he too gasped and as he healed me I explained what had happened. With all my wounds healed, I felt much better, but I still felt tired from the day’s events. I thanked Felthion and then went to my room to go to relax and meditate.


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