The Pantos Dominion

The Ranger's Journal - Day 20b

Draug was only supposed to grab the boy’s leg and trip him but he tackled the boy and knocked him unconscious. Since we were only about a block from the inn, Biggun ran back and got Felthion and Fiswyn and brought them back to us. Felthion healed the boy and cast some sort of truth spell on him and then started asking him a bunch of questions. We noticed that we were starting to draw quite a crowd and the boy was clearly being stubborn about revealing any information and so we decided we needed to take this to a more private spot outside of town. The boy was reluctant to go anywhere so Felthion picked him up and carried him until we were just outside of town

At a large oak tree just north of town Felthion began questioning the boy again and told him that he would remain in our custody and become our slave until he gave us the information we wanted to know. Still looking unaffected by the threats, Guy pulls out one of his daggers and his sharpening stone and begins to sharpen it. The boy says that our threats do not bother him because he as seen a lot worse already.

Taking a different approach, Biggun offers him five gold coins for the information on who is having us followed. This loosened the boy’s tongue a little and he told us that McGregor wanted us followed but didn’t say why. He just wanted a report on what we were doing in town. He said McGregor was a real jerk and is part of some guild but he didn’t know any more than that. With that, Biggun paid the boy and let him go back into town. Not convinced that he was telling everything, Fiswyn turned invisible and set off following the boy while the rest of us returned to the inn. With all the town people that had gathered around before mumbling about the boy being attacked by a wolf, I thought it best that Draug stay out of town and I set him loose in the woods for the night.

At the inn, we all sat down and had a few drinks and dinner while we waited for Fiswyn to come back. Sykon said that he had some things to do in his room and headed upstairs. After a while, Biggun decided that waiting for the bar maid to bring refills was taking too long and headed up to sit at the bar. While he was there a strange looking man came in, went up to the bar next to Biggun, ordered a drink, spoke briefly to Biggun, slammed down his drink and then left. Shortly afterwards, Biggun came over to the table to tell us that the man that visited him was Fiswyn and that he had some news but couldn’t be seen talking to us so we were supposed to send someone to meet him after dark back at the large oak tree just north of town.

As we waited for the sun to finish setting we all had a few more drinks. Suddenly Guy looked a little upset about something, downed his drink and went up to the bar to get a refill. When Guy came back, he said that he overheard a man at the bar talking to the bartender about someone roughing up the kids in the neighborhood. Guy said the man also asked the bartender if “he had anything” but the bartender replied that things had been slow but that he should have something next week. With that reply, the man had left the inn. Guy also noted that the man had a gray streak of hair in his otherwise black hair and that the bartender had called him Kern.

When the sun finally set, Guy and I left the inn and making sure no one could follow us, we quietly headed out of town to the large oak tree where Fiswyn was waiting for us. After Guy had relayed the information that we had heard, Fiswyn told us about what had happened when he had left to follow the boy. The boy had met up with some of his friends and that they had celebrated his new found wealth and bought them all some food to eat. Shortly afterward the boy met up with a man with a gray streak in his hair, Kern, he now knew. After a brief discussion and what appeared to be some sort of verbal discipline Kern was giving the boy, the boy took the rest of his gold coins out of his pocket and gave them to Kern and then headed off into the crowd. Fiswyn, thinking this might be the man that was having us followed, began following the man but after a while Fiswyn lost him in the alleys. As Fiswyn was heading back to the inn he was approached by Kern and three other guys. They took Fiswyn to a more secluded place and then asked him if he was with our party, what we were doing in town, and what we wanted with the boy. Fiswyn had apparently given the man the right answers, including that he was not with our party, and so the men had let him go. As the men had started away, Kern turned back and said, “Oh, and I am not McGregor, and if you happen to see McGregor, you tell him to leave my boys alone.” Then he turned back around and disappeared into the crowd. Fiswyn, knowing that he was being watched and that there was something about our party that was of interest to these men, thought it best not to be seen with us again so he headed down another alley and when he was sure no one could see him, he disguised himself as the man we saw in the bar earlier so that he could come and let us know what had happened and why we would not see him around. He also said he had found another inn to stay in where he could earn a little extra coin and that he would meet us here again tomorrow around midday.

Guy and I left Fiswyn and moved quietly back in town and back to the inn. By now the inn had gotten quite busy with a wide assortment of individuals. We saw elves, gnomes, humans, dwarves and even some men from the same race as the Scandar brothers. After letting the party know we were back and that we would explain things in private later, I headed over to the table of elves and tried to start up a conversation but it became clear that these elves were not the talkative type and so I headed back to the table with my friends.

Later on that night all of us headed up to the rooms except Musk who was passed out at a table in the far corner. We had not seen Sykon since earlier that day, so I decided to go tell Sykon about the latest information we had. After repeated knocks on the door with no answer, I checked the door and it was not locked. I cautiously opened the door and looked in but Sykon was nowhere in sight. There were a few things lying out of place like there may have been a small struggle and Sykon’s spell book was laying open on the floor near the table. Knowing that Sykon wouldn’t have intentionally left his spell book lying around like that, I reclosed the door and went to gather the group.

When I told Biggun, he and I headed back into the room to double check that no one was there and then went down to the bartender to ask if he had seen Sykon leave or anything else suspicious. He told us that he saw Sykon go upstairs but never saw him come down and that he didn’t remember anyone else going up to the rooms since then either but the bar had gotten quite busy. So we headed back up to Sykon’s room to look around.

Guy said there was an odd smell in the room; he had recognized it, but that he just couldn’t place it at the moment. With a little more investigating, we found a small piece of wire under Sykon’s spell book that Guy believes to be a garrote, we found a small broken ceramic ball under the window that appears to be some sort of device used to stun or subdue a person or group of people and we found some evidence that it was several people, possibly four, that headed out the window carrying Sykon.


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