The Pantos Dominion

The Ranger's Journal - Day 16a

I got up with the sun rising and started gathering my things. We were planning on leaving Leona this morning and heading toward Grinley.

I headed out and up the street toward the leather working shop just to check out what he might have available before we headed out of town. As I approached the shop I saw our party over by the stables and headed over to meet up with them.

Felthion was somewhat agitated and I soon understood that Beld had taken someone prisoner and was torturing him. To Felthion, this was not the proper behavior of a captain of the Royal Arad Legion and follower of Heironeous. Guy and Biggun were a little disturbed by the behavior as well and the three of them were adamant that we find out just who Beld had taken prisoner.

A plan was put together that Fiswyn would cast an invisibility spell on Guy and then Guy would sneak into the camp and look into the tents to find the prisoner. Felthion would go into the camp and talk to the guards to distract them while Fiswyn used his Ghost Sound to add to the distraction. The rest of us would just stay back in the stables in case there was any trouble. From inside the stables, it was impossible to see what was going on in Beld’s camp so I quickly and quietly climbed up on the roof of the stables and peered over the ridge to watch.

As planned Felthion went over to the guards and began talking to the guards while a pack of dogs outside of town began to bark and howl. Suddenly Beld burst out of one of the tents and started barking orders. Although I still could not see Guy anywhere, I knew we were done and began heading down the side of stable roof. Just before climbing down, I saw Moor’s apprentice sitting on horseback behind the Blacksmith’s shop with two additional horses. Moor’s apprentice was the runner that Beld had sent to Pembroke so we knew he had returned. Then Guy appeared out of nowhere knocking on the front door of the blacksmith’s house. I waved my arms and got Guy’s attention and motioned for him to go around the back just as I saw Moor, in full battle plate, and the farm boy come into view behind the blacksmith shop. Moor and the farm boy walked over to the apprentice, each took the reins of one of the unoccupied horses and mounted.

I dropped down off the roof and ducked into the stables. Guy came back to the stables and told us that we all needed to get out of town quickly and that something was about to go down between Beld and Moor in the street.

As we were heading out of the stables into the road, we saw Beld and three guards coming down the road headed for the blacksmith. Moor, his apprentice and the farm boy came riding out from behind the blacksmith headed down the road away from where Beld was coming but Beld yelled at Moor that he could not get away this time and Moor and his companions reined in and turned around to face Beld.

As the three guards rushed Moor and his companions, Felthion ran down the road toward Beld yelling to stop and that no blood needed to be shed today. Musk, seeing a battle starting, ran down the road after Felthion swinging his great axe. Ah, this was great; the half-orc was going to get himself killed.

Moor pulled out a large hammer and held it up high. As he muttered some sort of incantation, the hammer grew cold and took on a bluish color as the moisture in the air surrounding it solidified and formed ice covering it completely. As Moor swung his ice hammer at one of the guards, the farm boy, clearing panicking, heeled his horse and galloped off between the shops while Moor’s apprentice drew his sword and prepared to charge one of the guards.

And then, only Ehlonna knows why, Sykon cast a magic missile on the guard that Moor had hit. I knew he didn’t like Beld, but did he have to pull us into this battle. All hell had now broken loose and we were now in a battle against the Royal Arad Legion.

Knowing that we were now committed, Biggun took off down the road and charged Beld but missed. As Beld turned and slashed at Biggun, Musk put a chink in Beld’s armor with his Great Axe.

With all three guards trying to fight Moor, he appeared to be holding his own as he dropped the first of them and turned toward the second. Moor’s apprentice charged on his horse toward one of the two remaining guards attacking Moor but just before he got there, he slipped and fell off his horse.

Two new guards appeared from between the buildings on the south side of the road running toward Biggun and Musk. Draug ran after one of them and tripped him as he was getting to Biggun and I shot the other one as Fiswyn joined in shooting arrows at Beld and Guy, running in from behind the guards, attacked.

By this time Felthion had figured out that no one was listening to his pleas to stop fighting. He threw the magic staff to the ground and yelled, “May God have mercy on our souls!! Snake!” As the staff hit the ground it turned into a large python and slithered toward the guard that Draug had tripped.

Sykon launched a flaming sphere on top of the guard that Moor was now attacking. As two more guards running in from between the buildings on the north side of the road closed in on Biggun, Musk, Felthion and the snake, Beld swept in with his sword and disarmed Biggun. Now surrounded by four guards and Beld things were not looking good. Felthion grabbed Musk as he muttered a spell and the muscles in Musk’s arms and legs grew larger. With his new strength Musk swung his great axe and hit Beld square in the chest as Biggun swept down, grabbed his axe and came up with a mighty swing. Beld gasped, grabbed the amulet around his neck, cried out “Heironeous!” and then vanished.

A second flaming sphere appeared on one of the new guards that came in from the north as the guard that Moor and the first sphere hit crumpled. Hearing Beld’s cry, three more guards came running in from the camp behind us and I was forced to draw my long sword and Fiswyn to draw his rapier. As one of three guards squared off with me and another on Fiswyn, two more wizards, twins to Sykon, appeared and the third guard, now confused on which wizard to attack, charged the closet one.

With the snake killing the guard that Draug had tripped, Draug returned to me and attacked the guard that had squared off with me. Biggun, Musk, Felthion and Guy, along with the flaming sphere, finished off the other three guards that had rushed to Beld’s aid as three more guards came running in from the south east to join the three that were still fighting Moor and his apprentice. As Moor dropped the last of the original three guards and turned toward the two that had come up from behind and the three new guards that had just arrived from the south east, Felthion threw Biggun a quick heal and then Biggun, Felthion and Guy headed down to help Moor while Musk came back to help Sykon with the guard that had squared off against one of his other images.

A few seconds later and the three guards that had come up behind us lay dead. Musk and Fiswyn started running down to where Biggun, Felthion and Guy were helping Moor and I sheathed my long sword and picked up my bow again. Now with all our attention on the last five guards, it didn’t take very long for us to finish them off.

As the last of the guards fell, we noticed another member of the Royal Arad Legion standing off to the side watching. This man was not another guard; this man was the Grand Inquisitor. With a disgusted look on his face, he turned and walked casually back up to the camp.


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