The Pantos Dominion

The Ranger's Journal - Day 15

Again the day came and went without notice. At the end of the day, I circled around the farm and came up to it as if I was coming from Leona. I found Joffre working in his garden and approached him to ask how things were going. To his surprise and relief, the boars had not come back. Although it was clear he didn’t want to admit it, he accepted our solution to his problem and vowed to show the animals the respect they deserved and to only hunt when necessary.

I left Joffre and headed back to the forest toward the lake and the island. When I arrived on the island, I could feel a sense of peace and happiness that was not there before. I explained to the boars that the problem had been taken care of but you could tell they already knew and although they didn’t speak, I could feel their thanks.

Having accomplished our task, Fiswyn and I headed back for Leona. Finally having an opportunity to talk, I told Fiswyn about my conversation with the townsman in the Happy Halfling the other night when we had arrived into town and that the townsman seemed to speak for everyone when he said that they didn’t like Captain Beld being around and that Moor could take care of any goblins or orcs that tried to attack the town. Fiswyn seemed to agree that there was something about Moor beyond just being a blacksmith and told me about a full set of plate armor that he had seen in Moor’s house when he went to talk to the farm boy.

Fiswyn also told me what he had learned that night when he talked to the farm boy. We knew that the farmers were farming the glitter grass but the farm boy had told Fiswyn that the insects were necessary to make the glitter grass and that they had to continually feed the bugs with pigs and other livestock to keep the bugs from attacking the farmers. When the grass was harvested, it was taken to the Wandering Mule where the owner would collect it and presumably ferry it out of the valley to the west. After that, the boy had indicated that he needed to get back to work and left.

When we got back to town, we headed for the Happy Halfling to get some drinks and relaxation.


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